Kutheni kufuneka utye ukutya okufanelekileyo?

This question is often asked by people torn between good nutrition and diet, which includes such temptations as sweets, alcohol, pastries, fast food, barbecue, etc.

And like, the thousands of articles written about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, it seems everything is clear, but no, and so drawn to the “forbidden fruit.” In this case, it is useful to remind ourselves that all should strive to eat right. After all, proper nutrition is not an end in itself, but a means to achieve other important goals. Which?

1. High performance

Like a car, the brain needs quality fuel to operate efficiently. In 2012, a study was conducted that found that eating unhealthy food makes people less energetic and productive.


2. Saving money on medicine

People who are watching what they eat healthier and get sick less, especially diseases associated with the digestive tract. And if any of SARS creep, those who know the useful properties of a product will be able to respond quickly and help yourself to the required teas and dishes.

But the advantage you will appreciate the fact that I eat right, closer to old age. You will be healthier than others, which means you rarely have to go to the doctors and apothecaries.

3. Isimo esihle

What you eat affects your brain, including the parts that regulate mood. However, there is no specific food that acts as a 100% anti-depressant. Maintaining stable blood sugar levels through regular nutrition will help you feel better.

Foods rich in vitamins and minerals such as ziqhamo, whole grains, and imifuno, foods rich in omega-3 fats, such as amantongomane, islamoni, ngamanqatha Intlanzi decrease the risk of depression.

People who began to eat right celebrates its increased energy, more stable mood, better sleep, and joint pain reduction.

4. Improving weight

Even a 5-10% reduction of your body weight reduces blood pressure, lowers cholesterol and the risk of diabetes. Simple options for replacing harmful foods – the choice of vegetables instead of chips, order the salad instead of French fries will not only help you lose weight but sometimes will save money. Skinny and proper nutrition will help to gain muscle mass.

5. Life expectancy

You are energetic, in a good mood, with the optimal weight, less sick so that you will live longer. Proper nutrition combined with exercise significantly increases life expectancy.

Shiya iMpendulo